ScoutMed carries an array of medical equipment that is used to help people. Here is a small selection of what we carry to give you some idea of our capabilities:
Airway adjuncts: These are basically hollow plastic tubes that are used to help maintain a patent airway in an unconscious patient.

Bag - Valve - Mask: This is used to ventilate a patients lungs when their breathing becomes ineffective. It can be connected to an oxygen supply to increase oxygenation to the brain and other vital organs.

Circulatory support: Intravenous fluids are fluids given into a vein. These are used to support a patient’s circulation, replace fluids that may have been lost in conditions such as severe dehydration, to give a patient glucose in hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar) emergencies and to help carry intravenous drugs around the body. Used by health care professionals only.

Defibrillator: Used in cases of cardiac arrest to shock a stopped heart following a heart attack in an attempt to restart it.

Emergency drugs: a comprehensive array of drugs are carried to treat a range of medical emergencies including - anaphylactic shock, severe allergic reactions, cardiac conditions and severe asthma attacks. Used by health care professionals only.
Entonox equipment: A pain killing gas consisting of nitrous oxide and oxygen used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain.
Intubation equipment: Intubation is an advanced technique used by health care professionals to maintain an unconscious person’s airway whilst enabling ventilation of the lungs.
Moving equipment: ScoutMed has a range of equipment to move an injured or ill patient, if it is considered safe to do so, to a more suitable location. E.g. from the scene of an incident to a treatment area. The equipment includes carrying chairs and sheets, orthopaedic (scoop) stretcher and fold up stretchers.

Pulse oximeter: The prime use of this equipment is to non-invasively measure the amount of oxygen circulating in the blood.

Splints: Various sizes of box splints are carried that are used to immobilise below elbow and below knee fractures.

Suction apparatus: This is basically a medical "vacuum cleaner". It is used to clear a patient’s airway of secretions etc.

Sphygmomanometer: ScoutMed carries both automatic and manual versions of this equipment that is used to measure a patient’s blood pressure.
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