In preparation for “CampDowne 2000” a group of leaders from various sections of scouting who were also first aiders were formed into a first aid team to cover the event. Some of these leaders also knew of health care professionals either as personal friends or through scouting activities who were interested when approached in helping out at this event. During CampDowne 2000 this team worked well and treated many casualties. This proved that a multi disciplinary team approach during large scout events worked well. The team then disbanded after the event had finished.

The following year a few members of this team decided to regroup and set up a small permanent multidisciplinary team to cover not only large scout events but small ones as well. The aim to provide high quality, consistent, accountable clinical standards of care to adults and young people. Thus ScoutMed was born.

At first ScoutMed worked as a District Fellowship but in recognition of our aim to provide high quality care over a wider area we have now become a National Unit

Among our NHS professional members we have Emergency Care Practitioners, Registered Paramedics, NHS ambulance service technicians, Registered A&E/armed forces nurses and senior ambulance service control room staff. We can also co-opt Registered Medical Practitioners to work with us.

Some of the qualifications held within this group are: University Degrees in Pre Hospital Care, Nursing and Paramedic Sciences; Diploma in Immediate Medical Care Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh; Pre Hospital Emergency Care Certificate Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh/British Association for Immediate Care; Advanced Life Support; Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support: Pre Hospital Paediatric Life Support: Paediatric Advanced Life Support: Pre Hospital Paediatric Life Support; Neo Natal Advanced Life Support: Major Incident Medical Management and Support.

Among our advanced first aiders we have former police officers, first aid instructors, council licensing officer (responsible for safety at events & major incident preparedness), engineers, school teachers, and people who are very good at finance!

Many of our members have had extensive experience in the planning for and attendance at major incidents.

If you ask ScoutMed to cover your event you will be assured of a high standard of care for your staff and young people, and that is reassuring in a society where there is a rising expectation of the standards of care that will be provided at events. ScoutMed strives to be the gold standard provider of first aid and medical services to the Scout Association that one day others will be judged by.
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