Why have a Policy?

ScoutMed is a professionally run, democratic and accountable organisation. All members of ScoutMed are equally valued irrespective of how qualified or experienced they are. As part of our strive for excellence, and to be the gold standard provider of clinical care to our young people and leaders within Scouting, we have put a robust policy in place. The Policy is in place for several reasons:

First, in accordance with legislation and best practice we need to ensure that the rights of the individual patient are balanced against the rights of society, and that the rights of young people who we see as patients are respected whilst being sensitive not to undermine the authority of parents and leaders wherever possible. It is also recognised that young people have responsibilities as well as rights - something they need to be reminded off on occasions. Reminding young people of this is not something that we at ScoutMed will baulk at. At the same time we need to be seen as a neutral organisation that young people can turn to if they feel unable to seek help or advice from a leader on camp, or who a leader/camp organiser can turn to if they feel the need to talk or just get away from it all for an hour or so.

Second, a youngster is particularly vulnerable when they are unwell, frightened and feel lonely. It is not unusual to see a young patient who is all three. It is essential staff that see and treat these youngsters work to the highest standards of integrity and always work in the best interests of the patient. Conduct that may be acceptable or may not preclude an individual working in other areas of scouting may not be acceptable within ScoutMed, and could preclude an individual from being a member with us. It is important that current and potential members are aware of what is expected of them.

Finally, it is important that any concerns about standards of clinical care or conduct by ScoutMed members be addressed at the earliest possible opportunity. Concerns can be raised externally or internally. If we as an organisation are to retain the confidence of our patients, parents and Scout Association colleagues then we have to be open and accountable and be seen as such. A system has been put in place to ensure that any problems are robustly investigated, and any lessons learnt are translated into practical action. This process has to be fair to all concerned.

Our policy is periodically reviewed to ensure that it accurately reflects current legislation and best practice guidelines.

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