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What type of events do ScoutMed cover?

This can range from one day District and County events through to international camps with several thousand participants.

We can also provide cover for Public events such as Community Fetes, School events and sporting competitions.

What qualifications do ScoutMed members have?In addition to our members who are trained to an advanced first aid level, some of the team are employed in the health care professions.This includes roles such as registered paramedics, nurses and emergency care practitioners.

Where needed we can make contact with the existing local GP services.

The majority of our members have a background in Scouting & Guiding, and all members have DBS clearance and have completed child safeguarding & protection training.

What will ScoutMed provide?

Typically at small events or days, we will usually provide a single treatment tent equipped to deal with minor injuries and illness and have emergency equipment

available, in the event of a major trauma or serious illness.

For larger or longer events we will need to use a large marque divided in treatment bays.We will provide medical equipment for all foreseeable instances including Oxygen, Defibrillator and Entonox (General Analgesia).

We can provide a ‘chill out’ area that has proved to be very popular with leaders and event staff alike. Most ScoutMed members are or were leaders in various scouting sections and can appreciate the stresses and strains that leaders, and event staff, can be under during a long busy camp. If you need time away from the youngsters, or colleagues for that matter, then you know where to come. We are not counsellors but we do provide the metaphorical brick wall to bang your head against.

What does ScoutMed NOT provide?

Whilst we can provide short-term observational facilities, we can not observe patients overnight.

We DO NOT provide transport to hospital but can help to organise this with the existing local Ambulance Service.

The upside to having trained and skilled advanced first aid and health care providers on site is that we usually only have to send approximately 1% of the patients that we see to hospital.

How does ScoutMed work with event organisers?

Discussion with our Event Co-ordinator will ensure that you have the level of cover that will be appropriate for your event, taking in to account the clinical conditions that we will most likely to encounter. This will enable us to identify staffing levels and equipment requirements.

Our Event Co-ordinator will be able to discuss fees/cost based on the requirements of your event.

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