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What type of events does ScoutMed cover?

ScoutMed is able to operate in a diverse variety of capacities. We regularly attend and provide medical support for District and county events with a small team. We also provide support for international jamborees with 10,000+ attendees, setting up an on-site A&E where we can monitor and treat patients for a longer period of time should their condition require it.

The quality of the service we provide does not change between events. We are able to scale up and scale down our services to suit the needs of the event organisers. Our team are trained to a minimum standard of First Response Emergency Care Level 3 (FREC 3), and we also have numerous registered healthcare professionals in the team, including Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses, and Advanced Practitioners.

Where needed we can make contact with the existing local GP services, Hospitals, Ambulance Services, and Public Health England.


The Majority of our members have a background in Scouting & Guiding, and all members have DBS clearance and have completed child safeguarding & protection training, as well as our own internal standard and processes for handling patient information. This ensures that all patients are treated with the upmost professionalism.

What will ScoutMed provide?

Typically, at small events or days, we will usually provide a single treatment tent equipped to deal with minor injuries and illness and have emergency equipment available, in the event of major trauma or serious illness.

For larger or longer events we will need to use a large marque divided into treatment bays. We will provide medical equipment for all foreseeable instances including Oxygen, Defibrillator and cardiac monitoring resources, and Entonox (General Analgesia).

We can provide a 'chill out' area that has proved to be very popular with leaders and event staff alike. Most ScoutMed members are, or were leaders in various scouting sections and can appreciate the stresses and strains that leaders, and event staff, can be under during a long busy camp. If you need time away from the youngsters, or colleagues for that matter, then you know where to come. We are not counsellors, but we are here for those that need someone to discuss their frustrations with!

ScoutMed has various strategic procedures and protocols in place to ensure that we are equipped to deal with any eventuality that may arise at an event. our training and pre-anticipation of mass casualty scenarios, or outbreaks of viral conditions ensure we are ready to respond appropriately. Our pre-planned procedures also put us in a strong position where we are able to advise event organisers around the health and safety of attendees, both young people, and leaders alike.

How does ScoutMed work with event organisers?

Discussion with our Event Co-ordinator will ensure that you have the level of cover that will be appropriate for your event, taking into account the clinical conditions that we will be most likely to encounter. This will enable us to identify staffing levels and equipment requirements.

Our Event Co-ordinator will be able to discuss fees/cost based on the requirements of your event. Please see the bookings tab of our page to do this.


As a National Scout Active Support Unit we are a self-financing unit, which means we dont have any District, County or HQ subsides to pay. Like most scout units all our members/staff are volunteers and whilst we dont compromise on cover or equipment needed we have negotiated a number of discounts with suppliers and pass these savings on to event organisers.

Each event is different and so the costings will vary depending on a number of items. We are happy to provide a no-obligation quotation but would need a brief discussion first to understand your needs.  If you complete a booking form, drop us an email or give us a call (0300 015 9831) we can talk this through with you.

It is important to us that we operate on a non-profit basis and should your event have less demand on our services than expected we would look to return any profit/unspent element to you. 

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